Olivier (Guitar, Voice)

The Beatles strongly impacted Olivier’s musical youth. Those four gifted people literally fascinated him with their quality of melodies, text writing as well as the arrangements of each song . Far from being focussed only by Beatles, he listened to a lot of music on different decades which have gradually forged his musical sensibility. The sounds New Wave of artists such as Johnny Marr or The Edge strongly oriented his way of playing the guitar as well as his sound. In the Afterlite, Olivier is mostly looking to highlight melodies by alternating arpeggios atmospheric and razor sharp riffs. The song writing is important to Olivier, the vocal harmonies he brings to Afterlite is something new to him but fits completely the univers of this band.

Mikhail (Bass)

Mikhail heard for the first time in old 90’s some songs of Blink182 and Sum41 witch immediately brought him to the idea of being a rock star one day. Later without forgetting Metallica and their first concert in Russia he was touched as all young rebels of mother Russia by the sound and its impact on the people. Time passes, he discovers more aspects of modern music passing from metal to hard rock with AC DC, Guns and Roses and unforgettable Jimmy Hendrix to the funk. Amazed by bands like Tower of Power, Cool And the Gang, CHIC and many others Mike understand that the bass is The instrument for him! Flea from RHCP finalise his conversion to the new and sparky way of playing bass guitar. Well present with creatives bass lines his bass brings groove and strength in order to finalise the creation of powerful Afterlite’s songs.

Thibault (Drums)

Many kinds of musical directions have shaped the Thibault style. Many of them take their source as well, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers with the legendary groove of Chad Smith but also Nirvana, Radiohead and in a different style of the Erik Truffaz. This quartet brings a new and revolutionary rhythmic lines at the end of the 90s. Afterlite drums are also flavored with simple rock lines coming straight from French 90’s with arhythmic well designed and efficient style like Eiffel and Noir Désir. Funk and disco still remain in Thibault’s heart, that’s why thanks to 70s and 80s with various influences such as Chic and Cerrone. Thibault has his own place within the trio, making his drums singing and grooving with the jealousy of metronomes.